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Ecole de formation reconnue par ASCA ( No. 2054) - Numéro de thérapeute ASCA H078748

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The art of healing and caring with the help
of the USUI system of natural healing

Stonehenge : a site of initiation

REIKI is a natural healing technique which is used by imposition of hands. Probably originating in Tibet many thousands of years ago, REIKI was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao USUI at the end of the last Century, after following studies of sacred literature of Japan, China and Tibet and Christian scriptures. At the end of ten years of study and after a mystic experience on the sacred mountain Kuriyana, he finally put together his "System of Healing".

Healing and medicine are two totally different disciplines.
The information given in this document and during the formations must not be considered as medical advice.
In case of serious sickness consult the doctor of your choice.

The Reiki Workshop is mainly animated by
2 Reiki Masters
whose sole activity is devoted to
teaching, practising and researching Reiki

They initiate from the 1st degree to the Master in the USUI Japanese and Tibetan healing methods (9th Master of the USUI line) as well as Karuna Reiki® (2nd of the line under Willam Lee Rand).While respecting and honouring the tradition of Reiki and the teachings of other Reiki Masters and other schools, these Reiki Masters have chosen to be independent. Seminars are also animated from time to time by other Reiki Masters with a similar background.