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Press review
The Scientific Basis of Spiritual Healing and Energy Healing, Part I & II
Dr. Jakob Bösch, Méd. Chef, Service Externe de Psychiatrie,
à l'Hôpital Cantonal de : 4101 Bruderholz (BL).

The articles review the recent literature on persons' intentional influence on living systems without utilising known physical means of intervention. This field of research attracts growing attention from the scientific community as well as from the consumers of health services. Clinical studies on intercessory prayer, designed with gold standard criteria and reviewed in several metaanalysis, suggest a significant influence of prayer on physical and mental health. Whereas prayer studies fit well into the criteria of actual scientific standards, this is more difficult for studies on energy healing and therapeutic touch, which resist for example to double blinding. Nevertheless, the studies on therapeutic touch equally yield hopeful results.

The question is discussed if classical research methods are adequat for research in complementary and alternative therapy in general and spiritual healing in particular.
In the second part the insights and consequences are discussed. These have to be drawn from modern quantum and vacuum physic as well as from biophotonresearch and studies of the human electromagnetic field surrounding the human body. Evidence is growing that consciousness is as fundamental as space, time and matter. Vacuum physic suggests that everything within the universe is connected beyond space and time through a vaccum energy not only perceived as a huge energy ocean but also as a source of information.