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Ecole de formation reconnue par ASCA ( No. 2054) - Numéro de thérapeute ASCA H078748

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Degrees description of the Reiki workshop
Seminars in english : on request
Reiki I - The first degree is normally taught during an intensive week-end or during four consecutive half days. The Seminar will cover :
  • What is REIKI, it's history and origin, how it works.In which way REIKI purifies and heals. The four initiations of the first degree.REIKI rules as Dr. USUI gave them.Hands positions on oneself.Hands positions on others. Practice of REIKI on oneself. Practice of REIKI on others.
  • Explanation of the chakras, their roles on the body functions

Every one will have the opportunity to talk, share experience, ask questions, clarify his doubts; for this reason the seminar is sometimes delayed in the timing.

It is suggested to wait for 3 weeks to proceed to the next degree.

Reiki II - The second degree is taught during two sessions, normally Saturday all day & Sunday afternoon, or during three evenings. The Seminar will cover :
  • A complete revision of the first degree.Explanation of the four symbols of the second degree, (power, mental, distance & heart), their Mantras.How, when and why to use the symbols on oneself and on others.How to handle specific problems.Distant healing, "beaming". Exercises on distant healing. How to work on specific situations past, present, future.
  • The two initiations of the second degree

It is suggested to wait for 3 weeks to proceed to the next degree.

Reiki III - The third degree of REIKI is taught during one evening and two intensive days. This Seminar is meant for those who want to know all about healing with REIKI, to purify, heal, meditate without going into a Master degree. This Seminar will cover :
  • The teaching and full explanation of the Master Symbol, it's Mantra, how, when and why to use it.
  • The Master Symbol's initiation.
  • REIKI meditation with Antahkarana Symbol and the five REIKI Symbols.
  • How to utilise quartz crystal
  • How to built a REIKI grid and, work with it. Once loaded it will send REIKI to oneself and others for days on end.
  • Psychic surgery which helps to eliminate negative energy from oneself and others.
  • Guided meditation to meet your REIKI guide(s), from that moment onwards your Guide(s)will be there to help you in your day to day life and when healing yourself and others.

reiki.gif (955 octets)Reiki IV Maîtrise - This Seminar is meant for those who decide to devote their life to the teachings and healing of REIKI. Beside this goal, some decide to participate to this Seminar just for their satisfaction and to be able to initiate their family and friends. During this Seminar the entire USUI natural healing system JAPAN and TIBET are taught with additional symbols. After the Seminar, everyone will be free to choose which system he is going to practice USUI Japan or USUI Tibet.

An important part of the time of the Seminar will be dedicated to effective practice of what has been taught to the student.

"Meditation" will be added to harmonise the chakras. This Seminar is a very intense moment and the start up of a very strong purification process of physical and spiritual healing