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REIKI Presentation

Healing and medicine are two totally different disciplines.
The informations given in this document and during the formations must not be considered as medical advice. In case of serious sickness consult the doctor of your choice.

Seminars in english : on request

What is REIKI ?
The word REIKI is composed of two japanese words "REI" which signifies an omnipresent and an omnipotent spiritual intelligence and "KI" vital energy. Therefore RElKI is the vital energy guided spiritually.

The first step in the brief course of treatment of reiki is to take contact with

 equilibrium of the chakras

How does it react ?
REIKI is an energy which comes from the highest spiritual source. It has its own intelligence and knows exactly where it has to go and what it has to do. It has a multidimensional character and will heal the cause of the problem at any level (body, mind or soul) It does not have to be guided by the practitioner . It is a canalised healing, and the practitioner does not feel "Emptied" of all energy, on the contrary , after a treatment he feels even better. People who are initiated for REIKI and who work towards healing people feel an increase of their energy of about 50 %.

What is a treatment of REIKI ?
A treatment of REIKI consists of imposing the hands on the sides of the face and back of head, chest, stomach, knees and feet. The same process follows for the back. The person praticing is free to follow other positions according to the needs of his patient. Each position lasts between 3 to 5 minutes, and a complete treatment can last for an hour or more. A minimum of four consecutive days of treatment is necessary for serious problems, after which a daily session of AUTO REIKI is recommended.

treatement position on someone

REIKI is compatible with all medical and para-medical treatments. The efficiency of the medicines and remedies is reinforced at the same time diminishing secondary effects.

Who can one treat ?
REIKI is at the same time very powerful and very mild. Over the years it has healed all kinds of serious problems, as well as liver, heart, diabetes skin, wounds, fractures, insomnia, impotence, lack of self-confidence etc.

REIKI also works on plants

Is it a religion  ?
Despite the fact that REIKI has a spiritual nature, it is neither a religion nor a sect. It is neither a dogma nor a doctrine, and one does not have to believe in anything in order to learn and practise, nor believe in REIKI itself, once initiated it will function by itself and for life.

A position of self treatment
REIKI is a therapy by the touch
One of the interesting principles of REIKI is that one can treat oneself according to one 's requirements, whatever the place or time. It is enough just to impose one's hands on oneself , and REIKI flows and begins the healing process.

Who can learn REIKI  ?
REIKI is extremely powerful but also very simple and can be learnt by anybody. It is not taught in the same manner as other healing techniques. It is transmitted by the REIKI MASTER to the pupil through the process of initiation, this is why every-one can learn it. It Is not necessary to have any experience, knowledge, talent or interior abilities. Age, sex, religion etc. are of no importance Thanks to this unique process of initiation REIKI can be very easily taught during a week-end.

another ste
a brief course of treatment of reiki 

For more dynamism, vitality and well being, anti-stress, and to potentalize all medical treatments in general, to have a better peace of mind, REIKI is perhaps the only answer to what you have been searching for many years.

If you want to know more, attend a course.
If you want an individual sitting or if you desire to introduce REIKI to a group.
Contact us from Monday to Friday by fax : (41 22) 752 35 00  or by 
Seminars in english : on request